Delicious and profitable. Easy fundraising ideas begin with great fundraising products!

Choosing a good fundraising product ensures a successful fundraiser for your group. Our tasty pepperoni are a great fundraising idea because you finish fundraising faster with less selling and less administration. Make more money in less time and with less effort! Give Halenda’s Meats’ fundraising a try!

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The Halenda’s Difference – Since 1979

The quality of Halenda’s meat offerings and services is rooted in a family tradition that reaches back more than 65 years. Michael Halenda, founder of Halenda’s Meats, grew up in the Ukraine in a tradition of both living off the land, and understanding the importance and value of the family and community.

Arriving in Canada, he started and ran the family business together with friends and family who understood the meaning of hard work, loyalty and innovation. The company has never strayed from these core values, and today they are carried on by second, third and fourth generations of Halenda’s.

So why are we so passionate about our fundraising program and the product we offer? It goes right back to our roots, the commitment to our community and to quality healthy food offerings.

Halenda’s was often and still is approached to help support community events, sports clubs, scouts, hockey, baseball, ringette, soccer, United Way, Charities, Cadets (Army, Air & Navy), and school fundraisers. Our challenge was how to be a major contributor to all of these events. A key part of the solution was the development of a high quality, tasty, brand identifiable product that makes fundraising simple and easy to execute.

Traditional European pepperoni stix- evolved to include a modern taste profile. 

Halenda's fundraising event

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