Fundraising Ideas

So you’ve decided to organize a fundraiser. Before you start, you may want to take a look at our Fundraising Basics Guide to help determine what kind of event will be suitable for your team. Once you’ve determined your budget and goals you’ll need to come up with an idea. You want something easy that will raise money quickly but catches the attention of your audience. All fundraisers will involve hard work but here are a few simple concepts that are straightforward to plan and experience has proven that they work.

Hold a Raffle

Our first easy fundraising idea is to host a raffle. Without a doubt, raffles are the most common form of fundraiser. You will need to curate prizes from volunteers or local businesses. Raffle tickets can be sold door to door or you can host an event to showcase the items and ask guests to participate in the draw. You can purchase numbered tickets at the dollar store or create personalized custom tickets to market your cause. Once the prizes are established the fundraiser should sell itself.

What kind of prizes should you look to procure?

Tickets to events, appliances, autographed items and gift cards tend to pique interest. Look to volunteers and local establishments to donate. A fundraising event can increase brand awareness and community support is an excellent marketing tool.

Start a Crowd Funding Campaign

This is a relatively new fundraising idea. There are many online donation campaign options out there to help decrease the manpower it takes to raise money. I would suggest combining an online campaign with something tangible so that you don’t miss any opportunities. The key to a successful campaign is a well thought out fundraising pitch. This should include a video and a fun, detailed introduction about who you are and why you are raising money.

Make sure that any pictures you use are good quality, high resolution. Include pictures of the people behind the scene so that viewers will connect with you. The more personality you can showcase the better chance you will have to grab the attention of viewers.

Start Selling Products

A sales fundraiser is another common and easy way to raise money. There are many products out there that are created for this purpose. Before selecting your product make sure you think about the logistics behind selling the item. For example, chocolate bars and popsicles are popular fundraising tools but they require a freezer or coolers to keep. You must also consider allergies and health concerns when it comes to selling snacks. T-shirt drives are becoming more popular however they require sizing and things fit differently for every individual.

That is why we are so proud of our pepperoni stix. They do not need to be refrigerated and are shelf stable for one year. They are half the sodium and fat of other pepperoni stix.

Look to provide Volunteer Work

Another great fundraising idea is to look to the community to provide volunteer work in exchange for exposure for your cause and donations. Community service is a great way to raise money and encourage kids to put in some hard work. Volunteering to bag groceries is an excellent way to give back and offer a service in exchange for a donation. We recommend teams and schools ask local establishments or events if they can volunteer in exchange for setting up a stand to sell their product. For example, you can volunteer to pick up litter at a local rib fest in exchange for a booth to sell pepperoni.

Host a Community Yard Sale

Yard Sales are a classic fundraising idea that has seen a lot of success. Collect gently worn clothing, home goods and collectibles and host a yard sale in your school parking lot or community center. If you receive items of high value you can create a silent auction at your event or host an online auction. Utilize social media to promote your items and showcase your event. Make sure you take quality pictures and includes sizing for online viewers.

Host an Event

There are many event ideas that can result in a successful fundraiser. Organize a run, a dance marathon, a fair, market or a tournament. You can sell tickets to attend or raise money on-site with games and activities. Before considering an event, make sure you have the resources and someone on your team who has the time and organizational skills to build a successful event. Consider the time of year and whether it will be indoor or outdoor.

Look to your community and see what kind of events are in demand in your area. Perhaps there is a need for an art market or a high demand for kids friendly fair.

Utilize Social Media

No matter what route you take for fundraising, it is a good idea to promote and advertise your campaign on social media. Social media is a free tool that connects over 2 billion users. You can post for free on your personal page or create a business page through Facebook and Linked In to focus your content. If you have a budget to spend on advertising, promoting your posts through Facebook can increase your reach significantly. You can target groups by age, demographics and location. Halenda’s makes promotions easy by providing you with a customized social kit to for social media.  Just add your logo and caption the image with any details your audience needs to contribute.

Which Fundraising Idea Is Right For You?

As a team leader, the most important meeting you will have is your initial brainstorm. Ask your volunteers what ideas they have and what they can bring to the table. What connections do they have? How much time can they offer? If you have someone on your team who has connections to the Toronto Maple Leafs, a raffle or auction would give a substantial profit. At the end of the day, fundraising is meant to be fun – for the volunteers and for those who donate.

So have fun and get creative! Looking for some tips to get started? Check out our Fundraising Basics Guide for an outline to focus your planning. Be sure to share your ideas and event with us on Facebook.

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