No Contact Fundraising

Understanding the facts about the pandemic helps us take precautions to be safer in our daily lives. Identifying how to organize a no-contact fundraiser will help you fundraise more safely.

By now, you’ve likely read how the coronavirus spreads. For further reading, visit the Government of Canada website.

Traditional fundraising  steps:

  1. Communication: let people know you are raising money and tell them how they can help you.
  2. Order and payment: Approach supporters for orders  and collect money
  3. Delivery and distribution: Receive product and process orders

Here’s how you can fundraise using a NO CONTACT fundraising approach

“I sold 700$ alone with 1 social media post!”

– A.C.B- Vice-Principal Sacred Heart Catholic School


The people you want to reach to support your fundraiser are probably working from home or at their computer right now. Instead of meeting them face to face to ask for their support; we recommend a social distancing approach when you start to fundraise:

  • Phone them
  • Post your fundraising information on social media
  • Email your fundraising information to contacts.


Our online Profit Calculator makes it easy to see how much profit you can make and how little product you have to buy to make it.

halendas fundraising profit calculator

This is a screenshot. Click for the live calculator.


We have a custom sell sheet that we can personalize for your group fundraiser. It has all the information you need and is optimizable for selling via newsletter or social media.

Instead of face-to-face fundraising, you will use the sell sheet to communicate details of the product, price and the fundraiser cause.


Info Sheet - Fundraising



We will also send you an Order Tracker spreadsheet that your volunteers will use to keep track of who placed orders with them.

You can click here for the Google Doc version or click here for the Microsoft Word version.

Fundraising Order Form


  1. As your fundraiser begins, you will start to contact prospects (phone, email, social media).
  2. Your prospects will review the sell sheet you send.

People who want to support your fundraiser have two ways to pay:

  • Mailing you a personal cheque
  • E- transfer funds into your account

E-Transfer is one fewer touchpoint.

All of the steps so far can be managed in isolation. The product has been pre-sold, money is collected, you have taken your profits. Now its time to get your Pepperoni Stix delivered and distributed.



During pandemic period, we have updated our safeguards by complying with regulations and going above and beyond them. We continue to evolve our safety measures. Visit for details.


Here are the facts about handling cases of Pepperoni Stix for fundraising during shipment to you and distribution to those that have purchased from your fundraising group:

Washing your hands and using hand sanitizer is recommended for personal safety.

Wiping boxes down with disinfectant and letting the case sit for a day before touching it is an extra precaution but not necessary. Jeff Kwong, the associate director of the Centre for Vaccine Preventable Diseases at the University of Toronto, says that washing your hands is “probably sufficient.”


Delivery to your door

We will deliver cases to your door anywhere in Ontario.

Depending on the size of your order and the location, we will either use a courier (no signature required) or a transport company (signature required). There is no mandatory minimum order.

One case contains 240 Pepperoni Stix organized in 16 resealable Halenda’s Fundraising bags for easy distribution to your team. Each fundraising bag has a delicious premixed assortment of 10 mild and five spicy wrapped Pepperoni Stix.

24 bags x 10 Pepperoni Stix = 240 Pepperoni Stix per case. (144 mild /96 hot)

Your order will be left on your doorstep.


We recommend these three methods of distribution after you receive the group’s Pepperoni Stix from Halenda’s:

They come to you: Notify buyers that their orders are available for pickup outside your house. Have them call you when they arrive or are close. Leave their order outside for them. Writing their name on their order will help if multiple people are coming on the same day.

Bring it to them: Offer doorstep delivery and let them know when you’ve arrived.

Carry orders in the trunk of your car (on a cool day only). When you arrive to deliver, pop the trunk from the driver’s seat. Let the recipient take their order and close the trunk. It’s safest if they do it with a tissue or disinfectant wipe for no contact, and then wash and sanitize their hands.

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