Fundraising Ideas for Kids: Great Ideas make all the Difference!

Are you in search of the best fundraising ideas for kids? When getting children involved with fundraising, you show them how to give a little to make a big difference. They can be raising money for a community center, a new computer lab, or for their neighbourhood club; the best part about fundraisers led by kids is that they are able to learn the value of charitable giving at an early age.

With the right creative fundraising ideas, kids will learn how to participate in philanthropy, develop social and emotional skills, while enjoying the achievement of exceeding their fundraising targets!

Creative Fundraising Ideas for Kids Help with Academics

Firstly, a very important benefit of finding creative fundraising ideas for kids is the impact the campaign has on their academic skills. Being active participants in fundraisers helps kids to develop and reinforce their math skills, pushes them to speak more clearly and effectively, and emphasizes the need to write and spell correctly. Kids not only have fun making their fundraising ideas a reality; they are also able to pick up academic skills that prepare them for their future studies.

Halenda's fundraising event

Halenda’s fundraising event with our mascot, Koby

Fundraising Ideas Help Kids Learn to Set Goals

Since every fundraiser requires kids to come up with an idea and then set a realistic fundraising goal, the exercise allows them to practice skills that will help them learn how to set goals and understand the idea of long-range planning. Drawing out clearly what they expect to accomplish using a well thought out plan teaches them how a goal is set, pursued, and achieved.

Ideas Allow Kids to Build Customer Service Skills

Before kids find the best fundraising idea, they will need to go and talk to potential sponsors. This gives them the opportunity to learn how to speak to their “customers”, handle money, and deliver the goods that they promise—real skills that will benefit their later lives.

Looking for Delicious and Profitable Fundraising Ideas for Kids?

Are your kids tired of the same fundraising ideas? Raise money the easy way with a simple and tasty product: Halenda’s Pepperoni Sticks.

Halenda’s Pepperoni Sticks are naturally smoked and tender, with the tangy taste that everyone loves in a quality pepperoni product. They’re the perfect alternative to traditional fundraising items such as chocolate and candies.

Why Halenda’s Pepperoni Sticks?

Comparatively, Halenda’s pepperoni stick are school safe, healthy, profitable and delicious. They are low in fat and lower in sodium than competitive brands. Each stick is individually wrapped so that they last longer and they do not need to be refrigerated. This makes a huge difference when it comes to selling on hot tournament days or within the office. They can sit out and you don’t need to worry as they have a shelf life of one year! Our sticks are high in protein so they are the perfect snack for a busy day and you can feel good about your kids indulging.

May25th Fundraising Pepperoni Stix

For over 30 years, Halenda’s has been proudly making amazing smoked meat products in Oshawa, Ontario. It’s proud to offer its Pepperoni Sticks as a way of helping fundraisers make a difference in communities across the province.

Try Halenda’s Pepperoni Sticks for your next fundraiser idea!


And Here Is What Our Client Has to Say About Us

Don’t take our word for it. Our clients are always happy to share their experiences with us. Check out more reviews and testimonials from our successful fundraisers on the review page.

“Halenda’s pepperoni practically sells themselves! Here in Windsor we have a large Italian community who are very particular. My ten year old can bring them to school and friends like them.”

-Teresa T. Pres. Windsor Aquatic

“People are loving the “Pepperoni Stix” we are running out of them and will order more!”

-Goldie O. Wildcats Hockey

“Our fundraiser went well! We will do it again this year”

-Lori B. Uxbridge Army Cadets

“They’re all sold… They’re the perfect item to leave at a workplace break room!!”

-Breen Warriors Soccer

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