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Fundraising Profit Calculator

When you begin planning a fundraiser you want to make sure that your plan will result in a successful amount of money raised. Halenda’s makes it easy to calculate how many cases you would need to purchase in order to reach your goal. If you ask any of our repeat customers and associations, like the Navy League of Canada or the Petawawa Minor League Hockey Team who proudly sells our product year over year, they will tell you how easy and profitable it is!  A great product will provide outstanding results and our pepperoni is high-protein and delicious!

So, how can a pepperoni stick be worth over $2,000,000? That’s how much money has been raised for sports teams, school groups and community projects from the sale of our delicious pepperoni stix since 2013. Use the below calculator to see how much money you can make with our unique fundraiser!

Enter the number of cases you wish to purchase to see how much profit you can make OR enter the amount of money that you would like to make to see how many cases you will need to order.

What are you waiting for? Order your pepperoni stix today and start selling! Need a few fundraising ideas to help make your event a great success? We can help!

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