Holiday Fundraising Ideas

It’s the holiday season! That means shopping, gifts, events, parties, dinner and fundraising. So how do you grab the attention of you friends and family in such a busy season? With so many amazing causes being spotlighted, how can you make your fundraiser stand out? Here are 3 quick tips to raise money this holiday season.

Get the Word Out

The most important thing you can do for any event or fundraiser is to shout it from the rooftops. You are on a budget, so the free tools that the internet provides are so important. Post your event or product on Craigslist, Kijiji, your local Snap’d, Linked In, Facebook, Instagram and any other local forum where your may find support. If you’re able boost your posts to help you reach an audience beyond your followers. Putting a little money behind your content will go along way. You can get 4x the views on your posts with just 5$ a day.

Don’t Do it Alone

There are so many incredible holiday markets and events already happening in your community. Instead of throwing your own exclusive event, consider collaborating! Collaborating allows you to combine audiences, build a new working relationship to help you grow your business. Alternatively, it will also help you to combine your resources and keep expenses down. Booking a table at a holiday event allows you to pay a small fraction of what the venue overhead would be. You can help promote the event without being solely responsible.

Pick a Great Product

What are you selling? Picking a great product, like Halenda’s Mild or Hot Pepperoni, that sells itself will help you succeed. Pick a product you can be proud of. Something you’ll be happy to sell to friends, family and to pitch to new customers. Why do we love our pepperoni stix? They are healthy, high in protein and delicious. Pepperoni is smoked and cured which means they do not need to be refrigerated. They make the perfect stocking stuffer and a great treat for Christmas day!

Happy Holidays from Halenda’s

The holidays are a busy time for us, selling fresh turkeys, hams and our delicious pepperoni stix. We know December is a busy month for everyone so we wish you all a safe, loving and successful holiday season. Happy fundraising!

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