Holiday Fundraising Ideas

It’s the holiday season! That means shopping, gifts, events, parties, dinner and fundraising. So how do you grab the attention of you friends and family in such a busy season? With so many amazing causes being spotlighted, how can you make your fundraiser stand out? Here are 3 quick tips to raise money this holiday season.

Get the Word Out

The most important thing you can do for any event or fundraiser is to shout it from the rooftops. You are on a budget, so the free tools that the internet provides are so important. Post your event or product on Craigslist, Kijiji, your local Snap’d, Linked In, Facebook, Instagram and any other local forum where your may find support. If you’re able boost your posts to help you reach an audience beyond your followers. Putting a little money behind your content will go along way. You can get 4x the views on your posts with just 5$ a day.

Don’t Do it Alone

There are so many incredible holiday markets and events already happening in your community. Instead of throwing your own exclusive event, consider collaborating! Collaborating allows you to combine audiences, build a new working relationship to help you grow your business. Alternatively, it will also help you to combine your resources and keep expenses down. Booking a table at a holiday event allows you to pay a small fraction of what the venue overhead would be. You can help promote the event without being solely responsible.

Pick a Great Product

What are you selling? Picking a great product, like Halenda’s Mild or Hot Pepperoni, that sells itself will help you succeed. Pick a product you can be proud of. Something you’ll be happy to sell to friends, family and to pitch to new customers. Why do we love our pepperoni stix? They are healthy, high in protein and delicious. Pepperoni is smoked and cured which means they do not need to be refrigerated. They make the perfect stocking stuffer and a great treat for Christmas day!

Happy Holidays from Halenda’s

The holidays are a busy time for us, selling fresh turkeys, hams and our delicious pepperoni stix. We know December is a busy month for everyone so we wish you all a safe, loving and successful holiday season. Happy fundraising!

Fundraising New Years
Happy New Year!

The new year is a great time to reflect on accomplishments from the previous year. To take time to pat yourself on the back for all the amazing work you have done. And of course, to make new goals for the year ahead. We have had the opportunity to work with so many incredible organizations last year. From schools, community groups and sports teams, our pepperoni stix have helped so many meet their fundraising goals. Here are few success stories from the last year we are proud of.

Holiday Fundraising Ideas
Holiday Fundraising Ideas

It's the holiday season! That means shopping, gifts, events, parties, dinner and fundraising. So how do you grab the attention of you friends and family in such a busy season? With so many amazing causes being spotlighted, how can you make your fundraiser stand out? Here are 3 quick tips to raise money this holiday season.

School Fundraiser
Planning a Successful School Fundraiser

School councils are in session! It’s time to figure out where the budget is lacking and plan the fundraising agenda for the year. What are you fundraising for? A few of our clients have had success with raising enough money to repair that old jungle gym, update their computers and send their all-star team to the finals across Canada.

Profit Calculator
Fundraising Profit Calculator

How can a pepperoni stick be worth over $2,000,000? That's how much money has been raised for sports teams, school groups and community projects from the sale of our delicious pepperoni stix since 2013. Use the below calculators to see how much money you can make with our unique fundraiser!

40th anniversary
Halenda's 40th Anniversary

For 40 years the Halenda’s has been servicing and supporting their local communities. Richard has taken a small successful family business started by his parents 40 years ago and has grown it into a successful company. Today, we consist of two production facilities where the award-winning meats are created, a distribution company called The Meat Depot, that now serves deli’s and meat stores across Ontario, and five wonderful ‘family’ business partners leading each of their stores to new successes in their local community.

10 Things To Consider Before You Begin Planning Your Fundraiser

From the moment you decide to fundraise, so much thought, planning and organizing go into planning a successful fundraiser. We see so many groups jump into the event too quickly and make the same mistakes. Halenda’s has been helping organizations, communities and sports groups plan successful fundraisers since 2014. We have helped raise over 2 million dollars with our quality and affordable product. In order to have a successful fundraiser, we suggest considering these 10 things.

mississauga ribfest
Fundraising at Mississauga Ribfest

Halenda's is happy to announce that we will be participating in this year's Mississauga Ribfest at Memorial Park in Port Credit! The weekend of July 12th-14th our table will be set up at the entrance to this great event to help raise money for two of the Rotary Clubs of Mississauga by selling our tasty pepperoni stix! If you like ribs, music and beer we hope to see you there!

How to Set a Fundraising Goal

Why is fundraising so hard? We hear about the same challenges from many parents and teams about their past unsuccessful fundraisers. The difficulties tend to surround a lack of planning and an undesirable offering. The best fundraising ideas start with a simple but well-thought-out fundraising strategy and great product. We know our pepperoni stix sell, but in order to achieve the best results, remember to be SMART about your goal setting. Without defined goals, it is pretty hard to know whether or not you are succeeding.

Best Fundraising Ideas for Kids
Fundraising Ideas for Kids: Great Ideas make all the Difference!

Are you in search of the best fundraising ideas for kids? When getting children involved with fundraising, you show them how to give a little to make a big difference. They can be raising money for a community center, a new computer lab, or for their neighbourhood club; the best part about fundraisers led by kids is that they are able to learn the value of charitable giving at an early age.

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