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Can you lose weight by eating Halenda’s Pepperoni Stix?


(Well, possibly.)

Our fundraising pepperoni sticks are recognized as a weight-loss snack.

Ontario weight loss clinics have approved Halenda Pepperoni Stix as a great snack for those following the keto lifestyle. The basis of the keto diet is low-carb/high-fat, which lowers blood sugar and insulin levels. The body’s metabolism shifts away from carbs to fat, which results in weight loss.

We stock the Halenda’s pepperoni sticks and our clients find them to be an easy and delicious snack that keeps them satisfied and fits into their low carbohydrate lifestyle.

– Dr. Douglas Bishop, Dr. Bishop & Associates Weight Management, Ottawa

Halenda’s Pepperoni Stix are high in protein with one net carb and no trans fats.

Weight Watchers assigned them a 3 “Smart Point” rating.

If you’d like an alternative to cookies and other sweets, and are interested in an a fundraising food product that’s nutritious, Halenda’s Pepperoni Stix are a smart option.

Your peers will be impressed.

The other moms and dads will be thrilled.

Regardless of why you’re living the keto lifestyle, Halenda’s pepperoni sticks will contribute to worry-free fundraising and will help your fundraising group get repeat sales from satisfied supporters.

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