New Packaging To Help You Raise More Money!

Halenda’s is pleased to introduce our new 10-piece Pepperoni Stix fundraising bag. For the first time ever,

fundraising new bag

fundraising groups can sell our naturally smoked Pepperoni Stix at a new low fundraising sell price of $20 per bag. We are making it easier for people to support your fundraiser by lowering what they must pay you for a bag.

There are 24 of the new 10-piece bags in every case. (6Mild/4 Hot) per bag.  No change in our cost to you or the profits you make! What’s new is the low $20 selling price you charge when you fundraise.

Moving forward all new inventory will be the new packaging!

An effective fundraising product should sell itself. Halenda’s Pepperoni Stix sell fast! They look delicious; taste great and people can pay you with pocket change! A great fundraising product with excellent value.

Halenda’s Pepperoni stix are a simple, time-effective and VERY profitable fundraising solution. With Halenda’s Pepperoni Stix, you finish fundraising faster with less effort and higher profits than other fundraisers.


New price breakdown

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