School Fundraiser

School councils are in session! It’s time to figure out where the budget is lacking and plan the fundraising agenda for the year. What are you fundraising for? A few of our clients have had success with raising enough money to repair that old jungle gym, update their computers and send their all-star team to the finals across Canada.

The Product makes the Difference

Halenda’s pepperoni stix are a popular fundraising tool for many schools throughout the greater Toronto area. From Hamilton to Sudbury, we have had testimonials from successful clients who were able to raise money with ease. Selling our delicious pepperoni stix to fellow students, teachers, parents, friends and family is simple. Our stix are a healthy, high-protein snack so you can feel good about sending your kids with pepperoni for lunch or off to a hockey tournament with a hearty snack in their bag.

Suggest a Contribution

In our experience, we recommended that schools look at the size of the student body and suggest the amount of bags per student that should be purchased to meet the end goal. Our profit calculator is great tool to help decide how many cases you will need to order in order to reach your fundraising goal. A parents life is so busy, make it easier for them by doing the math ahead of time and let them know how much you think they can sell.

The Timing is Perfect

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about your fall fundraising? With the holidays approaching, your schedule is jam packed with family and friends who will want to help you reach your goal. Bring a bag to thanksgiving and help tide over your uncles and aunts with pepperoni before dinner by adding to that beautiful charcuterie board.

Easy, Profitable and Delicious

Raising money doesn’t have to be hard. With Halenda’s Pepperoni Stix, we make the process easy providing snacks for lunches and tournaments. Don’t take our word for it though, check out a few of our reviews and testimonials who have experienced the difference a pepperoni fundraiser can make.

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