Questions to ask yourself to plan a prosperous fundraiser.

How To Plan A Successful Fundraiser

In general, the best way to start fundraising is to look at the things you want to do, (travel, equipment, uniforms), and understand what they cost. When you search for fundraising products, look at the fundraising profit they offer and calculate what you need to buy to meet your fundraising targets. Here are good questions to ask when planning a successful fundraiser:

  • How much time do you have available for fundraising?
  • When should you start fundraising and for how long?
  • When will you need to receive the fundraising products
  • What resources available to you? (volunteers, financial, contacts)
  • How many cases will you need to meet your fundraising goals?
  • Do you want to order all at once, (to get discounts) or order in smaller quantities?
  • How you want to do your fundraiser? (Buy up front then sell OR take orders first, collect money after).
  • How do you want to pay for your order?
  • What can you to get ready before you start fundraising?

After this, consider how the fundraiser works and how much of your time and effort is required to use it. If a fundraiser is complicated you will need to spend time explaining it. If the fundraising product is perishable or requires special care and storage you may spent a lot of time with this. That’s where you discover the hidden costs of many fundraisers.

Pick the Right Product

Halenda Pepperoni Stix is a high-profit fundraiser. You are guaranteed to double your money (50% Fundraising Profit) with just one case. There is the opportunity to make much more with our discounts on larger orders. Our pepperoni does not require refrigeration and has a long shelf life and this makes for simple fundraising. Halenda’s is the best fundraiser to choose because our fundraising pepperoni is an easy sell, look great and are priced right.

The next decision you will make is how you will to buy and pay for your fundraising product. This may also determine the amount of time and effort your volunteers will have to commit. Do you want to get the product first so you will have it with you when you fundraise, OR do you prefer to take orders first, collect payments, and from these payments pay for your order.

Many fundraisers will not give you a choice, forcing you to look elsewhere. Halenda’s Fundraising gives you fundraising choices and lets you do things your way. About 95% of our fundraising customers want to have our Pepperoni Stix in their hands because when people see them… they sell themselves! You do less selling and finish fundraising faster. About 5% of our fundraising customers prefer to take fundraising orders using a personalized sell sheet and order form. They order only after they collect money. This way you need to do more selling and there is more administration involved but you pay for your with money you have collected from others.

Fundraising Methods

If you are buying the product for your pepperoni fundraiser up front we send you your own personalized Custom Insert Template which will personalize our package for your fundraiser. It helps your sales by telling people about Halenda Pepperoni Fundraising and also tells them where their money goes if they buy one from you. We are confident that Halenda’s will sell and our Reviews and Testimonials prove it.

If you are taking orders we will design a personalized sell sheet and booking form for you. Using these you can take orders for our pepperoni fundraising products, collect payments and pay us from the money collected. Both the Custom Insert and the Personalized Sell Sheet are provided at no cost to you.

How to Order

When you are ready to order head to our purchase page. When your fundraising order is paid for (and we have you set up in our system) we will begin to process your order. We also have a modified system for all Ontario Schools. Under normal circumstances, it takes about two weeks or less for order processing. Lead times vary based on available supply and customer demand. During peak season lead times may be slightly longer. You will be contacted just before delivery of your pepperoni sticks with details so you can plan.

Now you are ready to start your Halenda pepperoni fundraiser! Remember to check us out on Facebook and share your fundraising journey.

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