Fundraising Profit Calculator

How can a pepperoni stick be worth over $2,000,000? That’s how much money has been raised for sports teams, school groups and community projects from the sale of our delicious pepperoni stix since 2013. Use the below calculators to see how much money you can make with our unique fundraiser!

Enter the number of cases you wish to purchase to see how much profit you can make or enter the amount of money that you would like to make to see how many cases you will need to order.


Make A Purchase

With Halenda’s Pepperoni Stix you can double your money (50% Fundraising Profit) with just one case. There is also an opportunity to make much more with our discounts on larger orders. Our pepperoni does not require refrigeration and has a long shelf life (6 months). A long shelf life and no refrigeration makes for simple fundraising.

With the move to our new plant in August 2020, it takes about two weeks or less for order processing. With our production ability expanded by 200%, the great news is that during peak season, you should not experience any delay in receiving your order. You will be contacted just before the delivery of your pepperoni sticks with details so you can plan. See below for payment options. After payment is received you will be contacted with delivery options/details.

What You Get

Currently, one case contains 240 Pepperoni Stix organized in 24 resealable Halenda’s Fundraising bags for easy distribution to your team. Each fundraising bag has a delicious premixed assortment of 6 mild and 4 hot wrapped Pepperoni Stix.

24 bags x 10 Pepperoni Stix = 240 Pepperoni Stix per case. (144 mild /96 Hot)

We can assist you in personalizing our fundraising bags for YOUR fundraiser.

Pricing Breakdown

15 people, given just 1 case each, can raise over $3,900 profit for your group.

*Excludes shipping cost if necessary.

You pay NO TAX on your Halenda’s order. No minimum order requirements and we ship anywhere in Ontario.

Case Cost
Stix Cost
Sell Price
Unit Profit
Case Profit
% Profit
1-7 cases $240.00 $1.00 $2.00 $1.00 $240.00 50%
8-14 cases $229.20 $0.96 $2.00 $1.05 $250.80 52%
15-24 cases $218.86 $.91 $2.00 $1.09 $261.14 54%
25+ cases $209.01 $.87 $2.00 $1.13 $270.99 56%


Order Online By Credit Card, Cheque Or E-Transfer

Halenda’s delivers your Pepperoni Stix anywhere in Ontario. Sometimes of the year are busier than others, but the average lead time is about 2 weeks for this popular fundraising product. During the busy season, it can be up to 4 weeks.

To pay for your order by credit card, cheque or e-transfer, click the “Order Now” button below. You will then be redirected to our online ordering system. Simply select the number of cases that you would like to order, how you’d like to receive your order and select your preferred method of payment.

Note that if you would like your order shipped to you, a $12 per case shipping charge is automatically added to your total. In-store pickup available at 915 Nelson Street, Oshawa, or 15 Brydon Dr, Etobicoke.

If you have any questions about your recently placed order, please contact us with any questions or concerns!

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